Separatism Concerns the Futuristic Security Council – FSC Held its First Session On 14th June 2018

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By Merle Panzer  The first session of the FSC started with an intensive introduction and explication of the new Security Council´s program called “DEUS” that was given by Phillip to the Delegates. “DEUS” was sponsored for the conference by  the “DEUS crisis platform”. It is a program that allows the delegates to communicate faster which […]

NATO Day 1 – Doubts over Doubts – Is this a good start for the „INF-Treaty of Russia“?

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By Thanh Thuy Le  Starting with an introduction round the Delegates seemed to be very excited;Chatting, looking forward having fruitful conversations. This year‘s NATO-Council contains a lot of  First-Timers, but experienced Delegates as well. Apparently, they try to get a glimpse of each other, trying to figure out who to fear and who to cooperate. […]


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By Alberta Brown Discussions in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) look very promising. Topics on the agenda of the DISEC are Cyber Warfare: Exploring the Possibility of Digital Arms Regulation as well as Regulation and Control of Autonomous Weapons in Conflicts, then the committee is one tasked with dealing with global challenges and […]

Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation of Chemical, Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons

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By Thanh Thuy Le Chemical, biological, and toxin weapons- sounds alarming, right? And what is the NATO about to do in the upcoming days at the GöMUN-Conference? First, chemical weapons contain toxic chemicals causing death and health issues to everybody. These kind of weapons often need a „precursor“, an ingredient added to the chemical substance […]

Russian Violations of the INF-Treaty and a Possible New Nuclear Armament

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By Anna Jenckel Signed in 1987 by President Ronald THE GIPPER Reagan and General Secretary THE MARKER Gorbachev the INeedFear-Treaty put an end to the arms race between the roaring bear and the tooting elephant. Negotiated after the NATO Double-(att)T(r)ack and under tutelage of Maggie ‘the Iron Lady’ Thatcher and ceaselessly smoking Helmut Schmidt (who […]

Robot Soldiers and Accountability

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By Connor Lottmann In case of a violation of the international humanitarian law committed by an autonomous weapon system (AWS) there are challenges in determining responsibility and punishing those deemed at fault. Should for example an AI-controlled AWS, which is capable of machine learning, kill already surrendered enemy combatants it might be argued that neither […]

Separatist Movements in Europe – The Catalan Separatism

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by Kim Niklas Blohm Nation-building often involves basic social characteristics such as identity, self-confidence and culture. But sometimes it comes back to individual fringe groups who feel no longer bounded to the culture of their national state over the years and thus split off – as seen now with Catalonia from Spain. The question must […]

HRC Day 1 – Unity on Political Participation of Women: HRC of GöMUN 2018 holds it first session

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by Charlotte Degro In the afternoon of June 14th, 2018, the UNHRC of GöMUN 2018 chose to begin their conference with the topic of political participation of women. Delegates representing the participating countries pointed out various issues apparent in this field. One such issue is the proliferation of education for women, as pointed out by […]