DISEC Day 2 – Regional Blocks Not an Issue for DISEC on Cyber Warfare

Veröffentlicht am Veröffentlicht in Göttingen Diplomat

By Alberta Brown 

On the agenda of the of the morning’s session of the committee is working together to find mechanisms to combat cyber warfare. Delegates seem to be in engaged in intensive discussions with one another on coming up with the first working papers. As observed yesterday, two main blocks have been formed with France, the US and the UK leading one block, while Russia, Iran and China make up the other block. However, these regional blocks seem to hinder the work of the committee in some ways. Taking a close look, there seems to be no consensus on a clear definition of cyber warfare. Also, some delegates expressed concerns over drawing lines between states as primary actors being victims or perpetrators of cyber crimes, while holding non-state actors as perpetrators accountable. With accountability, being the keyword in the morning’s session, delegates were determined to work diligently and produced two working papers, despite being held back by a common definition of cyber warfare.