Separatism Concerns the Futuristic Security Council – FSC Held its First Session On 14th June 2018

Veröffentlicht am Veröffentlicht in Göttingen Diplomat

By Merle Panzer 

The first session of the FSC started with an intensive introduction and explication of the new Security Council´s program called “DEUS” that was given by Phillip to the Delegates. “DEUS” was sponsored for the conference by  the “DEUS crisis platform”. It is a program that allows the delegates to communicate faster which each other and to make a lot of processes during the debates much more efficient. More precisely it allows the delegates to “submit personal, joint or committee directives, receive responses and read news updates. Furthermore it allows the chairs to unprecedentedly control committee directives which require their approval before they are forwarded to Crisis Staff”. Or as Steven, the presiding Chair, already mentioned in an interview during the Champagne reception: “Thanks to the new technology things can escalate faster.”

In the opening speeches  a lot of countries expressed and emphasized their concerns with regard to the separatist movements in Spain and in Europe in general. The Russian Federation pointed out to tackle all the violations of Human rights committed by  ”members in this room” as a slight reference to Spain. Turkey claimed to be stronger than ever as they faced ISIS and a lot of recent crisis in their country. Nevertheless the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan admitted to attend the Security Council for the first time in his life and seemed over all  a bit insecure during his opening speech.

During the introductory round the delegates also revealed some interesting issues about their private life. Emmanuel Macron for example pointed out that he really likes his wife.  Last but not least the Presiding Chair Steven announced that he is ”the godking for the delegates during the conference and that they should honor him”.

Finally, one can say that even though the different countries might vary in their culture and general opinions on certain topics a lot, there was a common concern and especially the wish to stop the separatist movement in Spain.