League of Nations

Level: Advanced

Crisis Committee

Topic: The Question of the Borders of the Polish Republic an the League of Nations Mandate over the Free City of Gdansk


The League of Nations is the predecessor organisation of the United Nations. It was established in 1920 by the Treaty of Versailles, following the end of World War (now known as World War I). For the 26 years of its existence, the League of Nations was the primary international platform for negotiations and arbitration. Much like the United Nations, it had as its primary goal to preserve world peace. The League of Nations worked towards development, health, protection of rights, disarmament and dispute resolution. For those purposes, subcommittees and organisations were created.

The League of Nations had three main organs: the Secretariat, the Assembly and the Council. At GöMUN 2019, we will simulate the Council. The Council fulfilled a similar role as the Security Council does nowadays. While its responsibilities were not clearly defined, the Council generally addressed threats to international peace and security. It had executive powers, but its decision required unanimity. The membership of the Council consisted of permanent members (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan) and regular members elected by the Assembly.

The Council of the League of Nations will be simulated as a crisis committee. It is set to start in early 1927.



Lukas Hofmann

My name is Lukas and I am 21 years old. Right now, I am pursuing my bachelor degree in economics at the University of Hamburg in my fourth year and, as rare as that might be among my fellow students, I still enjoy my studies. I started doing MUN during high school and this year’s GöMUN will be my 22nd conference, a record which sounds far more impressive, if Sören’s biography would not be right next to mine… If have not only participated in conferences as a delegate or chair but I also have attended multiple conferences as crisis staff or director and I especially enjoy those committees and crises which have an historic setting. Probably an attempt to compensate for me not studying history because I didn’t consider it useful enough. For this very special League of Nations committee I really look forward to unite the best of the crisis and the real MUN world.

When I am not doing MUN, I enjoy cooking for me and my friends, travelling (travelling to MUNs is just a blast!), extending my general knowledge by reading books about history and the classics and playing card games. I really look forward to chair an amazing committee together with Sarah and Sören!

Sarah Hechler

My name is Sarah Hechler, I am 20 years old and I currently study political science at the Free University of Berlin. Discovering MUNs when I was 15 meant I got hooked fast and quickly started visiting more and more MUNs in England, Spain and Germany. When I came to GöMUN in 2016, it was my first time as a delegate in the Security Council and one of the best conferences I have ever visited. Since then I have been coming back every year and am excited to share this experience with my co-chairs and GöMUN veterans Lukas and Sören. As this year will also be my first time chairing a crisis committee, I look forward to some intense debates (and socials), as well as meeting all delegates interested in a few days of diplomacy and negotiations. Apart from a heated debate on foreign policy, I thoroughly enjoy eating as much chocolate as I possibly can, as well as ballroom and latin dancing.

Sören Wehrheim

Hi, my name is Sören. I am 24 years old and study computer science at the University of Paderborn. I first participated in MUN in high school and have since then attended over 70 conferences in Europe, Asia and North America. Through MUN, I have made many of my best friends, developed as a person, seen the world and delayed my graduation for a few years. GöMUN was my first university MUN conference back in 2014, so I consider it responsible for starting this unhealthy obsession of mine.

I have been a delegate at GöMUN for the last five years. For the 2019 edition, I am finally joining the dark side as one of the chairs of the League of Nations. Together with my amazing co-chairs Lukas and Sarah, I will ensure that the committee will feature the same fast-paced action that the most advanced committee at GöMUN is known for while enhancing it with a historical setting.

Outside MUN, I enjoy travelling, reading, politics, following the aviation industry and acquiring knowledge about almost any topic. I am looking forward to seeing old friends at GöMUN, making many new ones, and spending some quality time with Günther the Goose!