Looking Back

Have a look at our last conference GöMUN 2017!

The 9th edition of GöMUN was taking place in Göttingen from the 15th to the 18th of June 2017. This year’s theme was: "Make the UN Great Again? - Striving for global unity"

We started thinking about a suitable slogan after the summer holidays of 2016 when the world was somewhat a little more sound than it is today – The Brexit referendum barely passed the polls and the election in the United States was in its first stages only. As students politically interested and active we came to realize that there is more and more radicalization, dissatisfaction and disillusionment with politics abroad and at home. Unfortunately the UN sometimes seems unable to cope with these bigger problems. That is why we wanted to make the UN great again! Ensuring that this unique organization can successfully deal with complex international crises is of fundamental importance.

At the opening ceremony after the obligatory speeches from the Executive Board and Keynote speakers a champagne reception with delicious cake started of GöMUN 2017. During the first session it was up to the councils to decide upon the first topic for discussions. On this Thursday evening we enjoyed an outside barbeque with a buffet of salads and grilled meat. Even though a thunderstorm interrupted the socializing, the atmosphere was great and everyone got to know each other.

On Friday the debates inside the councils continued and first differences were encountered. Friday night was party night with our very own DJ Ingo. The party went on till early in the morning and therefore it was not too surprising that some delegates and chairs showed up a little late on Saturday morning.

After further debates and passing various resolutions everyone got to relax during Saturday night’s pub crawl through Göttingen’s inner city. The different groups had a good time and delegates got to know each other better over some food and beverages.

Unfortunately on Sunday our conference was already over. We can probably all agree that it is difficult and exhausting to find solutions to pressing international problems. This was more or less successful at GöMUN depending on the councils and the concrete problems at hand. But still it is a lot of fun and we all surely do not want to miss it. After a closing ceremony with more speeches and another champagne reception it was time to say goodbye to all new and old friends. We hope to see all of you next year again!


By choosing this conference’s motto we do not want to convey that we support or supported Mr. Trump in any way and as a Society based on intercultural communication and respect we do not agree with his statements of hate and untruth. The topic proposed emphasizes the urgent need of international cooperation – and in our eyes the UN might be the right place to start this change, to bring the world closer together – to strive for Global Unity.