NATO Day 1 – Doubts over Doubts – Is this a good start for the „INF-Treaty of Russia“?

Veröffentlicht am Veröffentlicht in Allgemein, Göttingen Diplomat

By Thanh Thuy Le 

Starting with an introduction round the Delegates seemed to be very excited;Chatting, looking forward having fruitful conversations.

This year‘s NATO-Council contains a lot of  First-Timers, but experienced Delegates as well. Apparently, they try to get a glimpse of each other, trying to figure out who to fear and who to cooperate.

After role-call with 20 Delegates being present and no objections, „Russian Violations of the INF-Treaty and a Possible New Nuclear Armament“ was settled first. The motivation was high, starting with a lot of Delegates wishing to be put on the General Speakers List;

nevertheless, everybody looked concentrated - or very exhausted?

The first impression was: There were a lot of male Delegates taking the opportunity to speak- however- some Delegates were a little shy, but bravely enough to stand up and speak up for their points of views and interests.

Basically, we can expect a strength measurement between them.  

First women being representative of Germany (originally from Indonesia) with clear words from UK, Germany, Lithuania keeping the same course- to continue the sanctions against Russia.


Suddenly, out from nowhere, Montenegro started to doubt the intentions of the United States of America. Polen and Czech Republic followed these doubts and the US remained protected by the UK.

After an hour things remained the same, so we can remain curious to see what happens next.