Futuristic United Nations Security Council - Crisis Council (UNSC)

Level: Advanced

Crisis Committee

Topic: Separatist Movements in Europe


Welcome to 2025, where Europe is dealing with unprecedented winds of separatist movements across the continent. The last few years have seen various movements pursuing there cause with new energy. This has been pushing governments particularly in Southern Europe (Spain, France and Italy) to the edge with peaceful protests being met with harsh violence.

The United Nations Security Council has been called into session to find an answer to escalating tensions on the continent in a timely manner.


Florian Fermin

My name is Florian Fermin, I study International Business (Strategy and Innovation) at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I have been involved with MUN since 2009, and have been chairing since 2014. I have done more than 25 conferences to date, and am happy to be chairing the Security Council crisis committee in Göttingen.

I'm delighted to be coming back here for the third time, I enjoyed the last two editions very much and I definitely recommend coming in case you're still in doubt!


Steven Franckowiak

I am a Dutch-American IT student studying at the Zuyd University of Applied Science, the Netherlands. Growing up abroad, MUN became a perfect fit for me when my MUN career started in high school. Since then, I have attended more conferences than I can keep track of. My favorite aspect of MUN is meeting new people from around the world, and the lasting friendships that come out of conferences. In my free time, I spend a lot of time reading, writing, gaming and traveling when possible. I look forward to getting an excuse to visit Göttingen again, and more importantly, chairing the Crisis for the first time!