On the following pages, you can discover more about our society: What we do and why we are doing it, our history and how and why to join.

What is MUN?

If you do not know or are unsure about what MUN exactly means this page is a great starting point. Just click on the button or select the page from the menu bar.


You can learn more about the history of our MUN society, our work, values and how to join us on this page.

Executive Board

If you want to get to know the lovely humans on our society's Executive Board better, you should take a look at this page.


You can find out more about our main projects, aside from our GöMUN, on this page. If you want to find out more about the conference click on the corresponding item in the menu bar.

Looking Back

This page gives you a brief summary of everything that happened at our last GöMUN conference. If you are feeling nostalgic, this is your place to go.


To find out more about the strange sounding city the society and conference are based in, click on the button or select the page from the menu bar.

Contact Us

You can contact us by selecting this page or clicking on our social media buttons at the bottom of every page.