UNFCCC Day 3 – Trying to Ensure That We All Outlive Our Past

Veröffentlicht am Veröffentlicht in Göttingen Diplomat

By Amina Sitoe 

On the third day of the GöMUN conference, the delegates of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change started to work on their second topic “Emergency Response to Natural Catastrophes”. Defending their reputation as the most efficient delegates they worked tirelessly on finding the most effective emergency responses to natural disasters. Speaking to a group of delegates, I was told that they are looking into investing in some very revolutionary projects to ensure the safety of people from areas that are most endangered by natural catastrophes already or will be in the future. One of these projects includes building cities that are floating on sea. That way they could be moved according to changing climate and seasons. The delegates assured me that they were taking the theme of the conference, “How to outlive our past” very seriously. They believe so strongly in these projects that it was even suggested that they might win Nobel Prices, should the projects go to plan.

We stay excited to see what will happen on the last day of the conference.