United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Level: Beginner

Topic A: Establishing Water Security and the Right to Water

Topic B: Emergency Response to Natural Catastrophes



Leonie Zander

Dear All!

My Name is Leonie Zander and I am going to chair the COP at this year’s GöMUN. I started my  MUN career when I was 14 years old – and instantly got addicted. So far, I took part in several conferences as delegate, visiting a wide range of different committees, among them GA committees, Crisis Committee, and the AU.

I never lost my passion for international politics, but I decided to study Midwifery because babies simply are a lot cuter than the average UN-Delegate (No offense there, I love MUNers!). Plus, babies don’t have the annoying habit of always talking back and trying to ruin your line of argument. Nevertheless, I love the thrill of debate, seeing different places and getting to know new people - and sometimes even those fascinating new countries of which you never heard before because they are so small they appear on no map.  In short: I love participating in MUNs and am now looking forward to experience MUN from the perspective of a chairperson for the first time.

Excited to see you all in June,



Rami Ben Ammar

Hello everyone,

My name is Rami and I study Chemical Engineering at KIT in Karlsruhe, Germany. I started my MUN path in 2015 at our home conference, KAMUN and I got hooked ever since. I took part in five conferences since then and I am thrilled to be one of the chairs of the Climate Change Conference committee (aka. COP) at this year's GöMUN.

MUN has been a completely remunerating experience for me. It offers such an extraordinary exhibit of choices to look over and to enjoy, it gives people plenty of chances, like increasing direct involvement in strategic matters, or finding out about global organizations, and some more.

It's beyond my certitude that the GöMUN Team intends to offer a noteworthy experience for every participant, and such is my objective as an individual from the chairing team.

This year I trust I can proceed with the considerable work to energize new opportunities at GöMUN. I am eager to explore new thoughts and activities that can be acknowledged and I am anticipating, ensuring the offering of extraordinary opportunities for the delegates.

See you all in Göttingen very soon!