Welcome to GöMUN 2018!

Veröffentlicht am Veröffentlicht in Göttingen Diplomat

Hello you!

Whether you’re here as one of our delegates, a Chairperson or even an alumnus - we are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the 10th edition of Göttingen Model United Nations! Welcome!

 “Apocalypse Now – How to Outlive Our Past”. When thinking about the news and headlines of these past months, this conference’s leading topic suddenly becomes very relatable and relevant. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like an apocalypse when again there has been a senseless act of violence, when lives have been put in danger, when something was decided out of questionable priorities and when still – in 2018 – it is still a big issue for boys to love boys and for girls to love girls?

We hope you’re looking forward to debating this topic but are also excited for nice socials, and interesting people from all over the world during this weekend. Try to enjoy the moment, as in this stressful schedule between sessions, small breaks and socials, the experience often flies by so fast.

Günther is excited to finally meet all of you! 🙂


We genuinely hope you will have a good time here – should you ever need anything, the GöMUN staff will do its best to help and assist you so do not hesitate to approach us! A highly motivated team awaits you that has been working very hard for the past months to ensure you an amazing conference and MUN experience. Especially when this is going to be your first ever conference, we want to make you feel super welcome in our GöMUN family

Now let’s get fancy for the Opening Ceremony and let GöMUN 2018 officially begin!