What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are organized by and for students from all over the world in order to simulate the work of the United Nations and similar organizations. MUN conferences offer students the opportunity to engage in academically oriented discussions and debate about the greatest challenges facing our international system.

Participants will represent delegates from different foreign countries in one of the committees. The delegates then have to stick to their role and may not state their personal opinion during debates. During the formal sessions, delegates exchange their countries´ positions, try to form alliances and in the end, they aim to issue a comprehensive resolution with concreate measures to be implemented.

MUN helps participants to expand their knowledge and understanding of international relations. In addition, participants develop a multitude of soft-skills and hard-skills. For instance, the research done by delegates to prepare for a conference will improve their analytical skills. By converting that research into resolutions and material for discussion in committees, students also develop skills such as conflict resolution, rhetorics and negotiation. Moreover, the debates help participants to increase their foreign language proficiency in English and other foreign languages, since the working language in MUN committees is traditionally one of the UN's official languages! Despite the fact that an MUN simulates mostly the political arena, the skills that an MUN strives to teach young professionals can be applied in all fields from business, to law, the humanities, and even STEM subjects.

However, MUN conferences are not all about discussing and negotiating. The social events during the conference are an integral part of every MUN as well. Those informal events will connect students from all around the globe and foster friendships between delegates. But do not forget that apart from socializing these informal meetings are a great opportunity to lobby as well.

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