Missed our Information Evening?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Just join us during our usual weekly meetings on Monday evenings at 8pm c.t. in ZHG 002. Feel free to join us whenever you like, new members can (and do) join the society all year around. Therefore, it is not awkward at all to show up in the middle of the semester, so you absolutely do not have to wait for our next “Einsteigerabend”. We are looking forward to meeting you!

About us

The Model United Nations Society Göttingen e.V. (MUNSG) is a registered club and was established in 2005, when a group of students who decided to participate in the famous Harvard World MUN in Edinburgh formed the society. Since then, the society has constantly evolved and was proud to organize their first GöMUN-conference in 2009.

Since this first edition, GöMUN-conferences steadily grew in size. In 2010 we were able to simulate three committees for the first time and moved the conference venues to campus. In 2011, we held our first conference with a common motto for all committees: "It's a Man's World? - Challenges women facing in the 21st century". Ever since then every conference has operated under a different conference topic. Moreover, the 2011 conference marked the first time we ever simulated a non-UN body. Nowadays we regularly offer five committees across three levels of difficulty, including one crisis committee.

Apart from planning and hosting the conference, the society works closely with the Department of Political Science of the Georg-August-University Göttingen. Since the winter semester 2006/2007 the University offers an interdisciplinary seminar about the United Nations in cooperation with our society.

As a non-profit organization with the aim of improving international dialogue, the society also raises funds to offer financial support to its members whenever possible. Our financial support program enables students from all socio-economic backgrounds to participate in MUN conferences.

Besides our engagement in Göttingen, we are collaborating with other MUN groups in Germany. Under the roof of the network Junges-UNO-Netzwerk (JUNON) we are helping to plan assemblies of delegates, workshops for other MUN groups and substantive work groups or study tours. Since the summer semester 2017 our society is proudly partaking in the project "UN im Klassenzimmer" (UN in the classroom which teaches pupils about the United Nations. JUNON is also a partner organization of the United Nations Association of Germany e. V.

Students from (almost) all faculties are members of our society. Despite our diverse backgrounds and disciplines of study there are a few things we all have in common: an interest for international relations and politics, foreign cultures and languages, and discovering and learning new things.

Why MUNSG e. V.?

Soft Skills

Gain and improve various skills like English language skills, rhetoric and diplomatic abilities, teamwork, professional writing and many more.

Intercultural Experience & Networking

Through the international conferences we attend and organize you’ll get to know new people from around the world!

Financial Support

We offer financial support to our delegates attending (inter)national conferences whenever possible.


While we certainly have a lot to discuss and get done in order to successfully organize all of our projects, it is important to us that our members like what they do. After all, we are all volunteering so being a member should not be another stressor.

No Membership Fee

We believe students should not be paying fees in order to volunteer and actively engage in a student organization. This is why we do not collect dues or other fees from our members.

No Attendance Requirements

If your hamster dies or you have an exam the next day and just do not have the time to attend a meeting you won’t get kicked out of the society.

No Application Process

We are happy to have everyone who wants to contribute to our society’s work and community. If you are interested in joining just come to one of or meetings and see how you like it.

What our members say

I originally joined the society to work on a number of soft skills. That the whole experience has a large social component and meets my interests topic-wise is a great bonus. It’s a very fun, friendly group and conveniently located in my college town.


Some years ago I participated in a Model United Nations conference as a high school student. I really enjoyed it – the debates, the complex themes surrounding international relations, the atmosphere…. So when I came to Göttingen and started studying, it was clear to me that I would join the MUN Society Göttingen!


I like MUNs because they are fun!


I’m interested in MUNs, because it’s interesting to get to know unknown facts and statements on several topics of foreign countries. I like the MUNSG because it’s a crazy and lovely family.


I’m interested in MUNs because I want to work on my English skills apart from the university and MUNs give me the perfect chance to not only write in English and prepare speeches but to actually speak as well, a part that is gravely missing from my usual university life. Apart from that I also love to meet new people and work on my intercultural skills. Considering the academic aspect, MUNs also help me to improve my rhetoric skills and other soft skills necessary for later success in the work life.


Join Us!

If you are interested in international relations and politics, foreign cultures and languages, discovering and learning new things or just want to do something besides studying during your time as a student of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen we would be happy to have you! During the COVID-19 pandemic our bi-weekly online meetings take place every Monday during the semester at 8pm c.t. over Zoom. Just send us an email to receive the link. Feel free to join us whenever you like, new members can (and do) join the society all year around. Therefore, it is not awkward at all to show up in the middle of the semester, so you absolutely do not have to wait for our next “Einsteigerabend”. If you have any questions or feel unsure about something, do not hesitate to send us an email (goemun@gmail.com) or contact us via one of our social networks (buttons below).