Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate?
You can register as an individual delegate or as a delegation. Students who are part of a Delegation don’t have to apply for the same committee or the same country in different committees, but are free to state their individual preference.


Who can participate?
Applicants must be enrolled in a study program leading to a university degree, but high-school students are welcome as well. Students of all fields of study are welcome. The only requirements are fluency in English, as well as an interest for the work of the UN and international relations. Applicants should also be between the ages of 16-29.


When will GöMUN take place?
Unfortunately, the GöMUN 2020 conference had to be canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19.


Until when do I have to register?

Registration deadlines for GöMUN 2021 are tba.


Where can I apply?

Once the application period for GöMUN 2021 opens, you'll find dthat information here.


What happens after I register?

Following registration, our registration team will review your application and either approve or decline it. Please note rejections are rare, but may become more frequent as capacity is neared.


My application was removed. What does this mean?

If your application does not meet our conference's standards your application might be removed or rejected. If your application was removed, we would like to invite you to reapply with a revised motivational letter. Some common deficiencies regarding motivational letters include:

  • the letter was too short
  • the level of language showcased was deemed insufficient for the successful participation in the conference
  • the letter didn't showcase the applicant's motivation to participate in the conference
Please check which of the aforementioned points apply to your letter and revise it accordingly before you reapply.


Is there an age restriction?
Yes, you should be between 16 – 29 years at the time of the conference.


Is any MUN-experience required?
Not necessarily. There will be several committees to attend, each with a different degree of difficulty. If you are interested in one of the higher level councils but do not have a lot of (or any for that matter) MUN experience, you can still apply to be a delegate in one of them.


Can I represent my own country?
Yes, you can represent your own country, but it is very much requested to choose a different country than your own. However, you have the opportunity to state your preferences and we will try to consider them.


How much are the fees for participating in GöMUN?


Are there scholarships or financial support for delegates?

Unfortunately there is no scholarship or financial support available for delegates. Our budget does not allow us to support delegates’ travel and/or accommodation expenses or to waive their standard fee.


How do I know which country I will represent?
After we have accepted your application and received your delegate fee, you will be assigned to a country and we will send you an e-mail with all the necessary information.


How shall I prepare myself for the conference?
Usually the chairs of your committee inform you about the necessary steps ahead. In general it is helpful to inform yourself about the topics which will be relevant in your committee and to gather facts and knowledge about the country you represent. Some chairs may ask you to prepare a position paper.


If you have any further questions and the section above did not answer it, please do not hesitate and contact us.